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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Fairy Cube v01 ch 5-7, Toriko v3 ch 9

Merry Christmas to All!

I figured we'll release a bit this christmas to prove that we're not that dead.

Also, Welcome back to Rui! Our waffley bot on #thewafflehouse. All releases today will only be on irc, come to our irc channel and say Merry Christmas to all our staff.

I guess this will be our last release this year. I'll see you guys 2007.

Pani Poni chapter 8 and

December 21, 2006 - posted by coriolis
Released: Pani Poni c8

So, it's been a while since a release. I blame school, work and life.
But who doesn't? Anyways, I'll save you the rants(woohoo) and proceed.
Pani Poni chapter 8 has been released, it's a short but a good chapter, my fav character makes a short and small appearance :D Our beloved IRC bot is down til, well, around Christmas or so, so until then, the releases will be on HTTP.

And, as FS mentioned, we're not dead. That dead, we still kinda respond if you poke us with twigs. But we're working hard, maybe, since exams ended for a majority of us. As well, the .hack Wallpaper contest is still alive, the due dates have passed, and we've just been trying to wrap everything up, we apologize for the long delay, but hopefully, we can get that wrapped up and the winners announced soon.

Kanon Ep 6 LQ/HQ... and TWH Scanlation is not dead!

November 12, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Kanon 06 LQ/HQ

I got a message from v7 a few minutes ago:
velocity7: FS
velocity7: can you make announcement on site for kanon 6 LQ/HQ
velocity7: although i release kanon 6 earlier than the rest
velocity7: i'm so lazy to announce on main website ^^;;;

Anyhow, so I figured, why not. I'm sitting here waiting for my dinner to cook before I can head out to the library and finish up my essay. There you go, Kanon Ep 6. Enjoy.

Anything else I wish to add? TWH scanlation department is not dead. In fact, I'm starting to drop some of my workload from jouhou and do a bit of work before the holiday. We do have .hack coming up, and lots of Fairy cube. For those who want a more detailed project status update, I wrote a post on it in my blog a few days earlier (although it seems not that updated anymore after I fixed up a few things). Anyhow, stay tune for more kanon and more manga soon! :3

Makoto Fanservice

November 3, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 05

No, you did not hear that from me. ;) Please grab the LQ at the usual places.

Also, if you're a talented WordPress Theme writer who can write customized, perfect themes, please check this thread! We need your help! :)

2006/11/04: LQ and HQ version are both up at IRC and will be on BT.

Happy Hallowe'en!

October 31, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Jigoku Shoujo v01 c02

WoW! You haven't heard from me in a LONG time, but no, I'm still alive! And if you've been reading my blog, I guess you sort of know what's going on with my life at least a little *points to the link above*!

Anyhow, since today's hallowe'en, the bad children go out and scare people, the good children stay home and read scary manga. So I present you another chapter of Jigoku Shoujo! Thank you dragon-kun for taking over the editing for this!

And, if you're still not spooked, check out my Hallowe'en post on my blog (and yes, it has my pic!) :o

Kanon 04 LQ/HQ

October 29, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 04 (2006) LQ/HQ

Same week, same time. What more can I say? Please grab it on our bot, it'll be on BT soon enough.

Please note that the LQ was already released two days ago by us, the HQ was released today. I just didn't get a chance to reconfirm release due to issues on our side. In any case, please enjoy.

Kanon 03 HQ

October 22, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 03 (2006) HQ

Your usual release. Enjoy, it's on our bot!

Kanon 03

October 20, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 03 (2006) LQ

The LQ release is on our bot as well as TokyoTosho and Sprocket-Hole's BT Tracker. We will be putting it up on XDCC momentarily.

Wow, I think this is the fastest we can ever go really. There are still methods we have to improve on but certainly good there. Please enjoy the episode, more taiyaki, and uh, please make comments on how we can improve!

Kanon 02

October 14, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 02 (2006) HQ, LQv2

HQ release is up, on our bot. They are also on TokyoTosho and Sprocket-Hole's BT Tracker.

So we've gone and done it...

October 9, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon 01 (2006), LQ and HQ

So here we are with the imminent release of Kanon (2006). Although we're lacking in speed based on other releases, we do make up for it with a much cleaner raw, AC3 surround sound, and overall hard work from yours truly. Many thanks to the people at Sprocket-Hole for making this release possible.

The LQ version is 704x396 and uses XviD. The HQ version is 1024x576 and uses x264, and has a choice of subtitle formats (SSA and SRT style). Just a heads up, please use the CCCP if you haven't gotten it already.

This release may be picked up in our IRC channel via Waffle|Rui, or at Sprocket-Hole's BT Scarywater location. Please enjoy!

Prepare lots of tissues...

October 7, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Deep Love ~ Reina no Unemei~ ch 2

No! You perv! ... not that! I mean, you may be crying your eyes out like I did when I first read it.

You know... the tankobon of Deep Love:Reina no Unmei actually doesn't have any chapter division, so I sorta guessed where the chapter end (and no, I didn't find the biggest cliffhanger to end the chapter). I sort of decided to end the chapter based on the time gap. So between chapter 2 and 3, there will be a bit of a time gap (that's when the 2nd volume of Deep Love: host comes in, so go wait for the 2nd volume of Host release at bwys.

As an apology for the long non-update. I put everything up on the http servers for download (including the new release today). So enjoy! <3

And yeah... we can definitely use some help in our series here. Think you have the skills and time to help us out a little? Send me an email! Hiring translators, editors, proofers!

Back to JINKI

September 20, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: JINKI v02 c05

It's about time we got back to this project; for fans that have waited so long for another JINKI release, here it is, and I hope you enjoy more of Aoba and Rui in this release. :)

P.S. Is fansubbing Kanon 2006 a good idea...?


September 8, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ v02 c08

Don't thank me, thank the girls: Raison, Maris and Mimi. Volume 2 is now completed, and volume 3 starts getting more interesting... ;)

Toronto International Film Festival: Anyone who lives in Toronto would agree with me this is the biggest event that happens in town the entire year. Anyhow, so who's here? I saw Hana today, it was great! (I'll blog it later for those who are interested) Anyhow, here's my planned film schedule for all my stalkers:
Sept. 8 6:00pm: The PostModern Life of My Aunt
Sept. 9 12:30pm: King and The Clown
Sept. 10 9:00pm: Shortbus
Sept. 13 6:15pm: L'Intouchable
Sept. 14 5:15pm: Yokohama Mary
Sept. 15 8:30pm: Khadak
Why is Mushishi not on my list? I really want to see it actually, but my film list is quite long already... and these tickets are so expensive... :/

More Loli Rapes >.><.<

September 6, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ v02 c07

How many apologies do I owe people? I'm sorry, I've been so caught up with life about 2000 little things. I'll get the wallpaper contest result soon. i promise.

Now, TORIKO!! You owe it to the girls!! I've been so insanely busy I haven't really done much in twh, but raison and Maris have been working hard. In fact, ch 8 is almost releasable soon too (it just needs me to check things over). So you can expect that soon too! However, since school has started (or is starting) for all of us, don't expect fast releases, but don't assume we're dead. We're still going... at our own pace....

By the way, I'm not sure if you've heard the rumours, but apparently I will have little time for scanlation while I focus on life. (Yeah, this horrible life thing is stealing me from manga... and yeah, I probably should get my priorities right, life over manga!? pftt!) No, seriously, if I can get more translators to take over some of my load. Much appreciated. Email me at ^^

Finally, can I whore out my blog more?


August 25, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: Kanon Prelude

Hello all, and welcome to... eh?! Aren't we a manga scanlation group?!


Don't worry, it's not some scare or anything. It's just that for some reason today I really felt like fansubbing the Kanon Prelude; 3 minutes long, with all your favorite Key characters and drama.

I don't expect to be able to sub this series for you people in the future, but if I see there's a lot of support and maybe a few translators coming in (particularly ones with Kanon background), I might reconsider.

In the meantime, please enjoy what is considered TheWaffleHouse's first fansub release!

P.S. Is it possible for someone to do translation, editing, timing, typesetting, karaoke, and encoding on one thing all at once? Apparently not! Kudos to jfk and others for helping me figure out how it all comes together! :)

P.S.S. The file is an MKV, so please use something like CCCP to play this. If you need technicals, it's a Matroska video file made using x264 and iTunes' AAC encoder.

EDIT: Torrent is here, but also available on IRC on Waffle|Rui.

My internet is being a BiAATCH!

August 17, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ v02 c06

I've been trying to released for the last 1.5 hrs, but my internet is so slow it's impossible to upload things. o.o;;; Anyhow, here it is, a new chapter of Toriko! ^_^

Http Achieve updated: Toriko v02 c06, Pani Poni v01, c07, Hack GU+ ch 04, Hack 4koma ch 3+4, Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko v01 c03 and Fairy Cube v01 c04 added. As a tradition, I always screw up either the file path or the file permission, so don't hesitate to post on the forum or send me an email or two to bug me if I do. In fact, you can send me emails and post on the forum even if I haven't made any mistakes... ;)

Bow to our new staffs!

August 12, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ v02 c05

Yes! A new volume of Toriko! Thanks to our new editor Maris for doing such a uber awesome job on it (and so fast too!). We'll also be having a new translator on it starting next chapter. Yay to the girls! Hopefully we'll be able to release more Toriko soon! ^_^

I don't know what else to say. I have no interesting stories to tell today. Although, a reminder that our .hack wallpaper contest ends in a week. I'm making the deadline Friday 18. 11:59p.m. PST. So I hope to see more wallies soon.

More Releases

August 10, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: Fairy Cube v01 c04

You owe this release to our new Fairy Cube editor, Yue_ix. She tries very hard to bring this to you. Give her a kiss and thank you, a shota and some yaoi when you see her. ^^

On second note, I've been joining Edward_k and his crazy little "game" lately. It's almost been a month, I think I'm feeling enlightened (No, not really). I encourage everyone to come join this "game". I'll see you there.

...Some rumours floating around...

August 9, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: Pani Poni v01 c07

You know, there has been different rumours as to why we haven't released any pani poni for half a year. Some say that Achry is lost in the WOW-land, other says that he lost all his $$ in Vegas, or well, he's simply just a quitter and doesn't give a damn about you Pani Poni fan. Well, whatever it was, he's back now to give you more Pani Poni release! Go tell him how much you love him at or at their site.

Released on IRC, waffle|rui and waffle|sankyou (yes, Wraith decided that we need a shota bot... you know, just so people won't think we're sexist and stuff... coz we're not. We love the shota!!) ^_^

Are we sick of .hack yet?

August 6, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: .Hack//4koma ch 4

[Kei_Striker] I love being a kid who has too much free time on his hand
Yes, we owe the .hack releases to my new shota slave who has too much time in my basement! Enjoy. ;)

Oh, and shall I whore out our Wallie contest more? 10 more days, I'm sure you all want to join! Click for further instruction, prizes and rules!

New Project! Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei~

August 5, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Releaed: Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei~ ch 1 (joint with BWYS)

To those who has read Deep Love ~Ayu no Monogatari~, remember Reina, Ayu's friend? Well, this story continues from the end of Ayu no Monogatari, and extends into Deep Love: Host.

Confusing? Here's a little chart to follow; read in the following order to follow the chronology of the story:
1. Deep Love ~Ayu no Monogatari~
2. Deep Love: Host volume 1
3. Deep Love ~Reina no Unmei Chapter 1+2
4. Deep Love: Host Volume 2 (not scanlated yet)
5. Deep Love ~Reina noUnmei Chapter 3 (not scanlated yet)
* Deep Love: Pao's Tale seems to be Ayu no Monogatari on the point of view of Pao. So I guess that can go anywhere after Ayu no Monogatari.

I just love the tragic shoujo btw. ^^

Note: This is a joint project with bwys, visit them at their site or their IRC chnanel.

.hack//GU+ chapter 4

August 4, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack GU+ ch 4

Hot on the heels of chapter 3 and 4koma comes chapter 4! Be prepared for some very, very angsty bishonen drama, courtesy of Wraith_Magus and his wonderful work. As always, please get this release on IRC.

Our .hack Wallpaper contest is still going. Click for further instruction, prizes and rules

More .hack, and don't forget about our contest!

August 2, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: .hack 4koma chapter 3

A special thanks to a couple people on this release.
1) Terracannon who has been sending me translation for .hack even though he's on holiday half way across the globe (now, that's dedication.. ^^)
2) Welcome our new editor, Kei_Striker. ^_^

Other than that, a reminder to everyone that our .hack Wallpaper contest is still going. Click for further instruction, prizes and rules

PS - I've fixed the link to Fairy Cube ch3 download. If anyone find anymore broken linkes. Please email me, or post on the forum.

Achieve updated

August 1, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura

I thought I'll start the month correctly. I've updated all of the http downloads: .hack//GU+c3, Chinatsu no Uta v01, Fairy Cube ch 3, Kemono ch2, With Karin ch6. Enjoy! Densha Otoko ch3 will be on http shortly.

Densha Otoko

July 31, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko Volume 01 Chapter 03

Joe and I are getting quite excited on this series, it's getting quite exciting! I can't wait to see more. ^_^

I don't know what else to say. Can I take this moment and whore out my new blog? (Too late).

As usual, grab them on Waffle|rui (yes, she's back!)! Enjoy the release! ^^

.hack//GU+ returns

July 21, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack//GU+ chapter 3

And no, we haven't forgotten this project either, so please enjoy this chapter! :)

Edit by Floating_Sakura: Oh, in case you haven't heard, we're having a .hack Wallpaper Contest: For Prizes, instruction and rules, visit here.

On with more Shoujo ^^

July 20, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Kemono wa Hana no Yume o Miru ka v01 c02

No, we haven't forgotten this project. It is coming. It is a pretty difficult project to translate and edit. So it takes awhile to do. But please enjoy it, me and Ashy has worked hard on it. ^^

Recruiting: Translator and editor. Email me for a test

Toriko Again. ^^

July 16, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Toriko v01 omake

Uh, finally a release. Download it from waffle|rui2 on IRC. Rui#1 has ran away from home and we can't find her. T_T So we bring out rui's clone, which doesn't have all the releases up there yet. Whatever's not on http will be there though. If you need any of our releases that isn't listed on either http or Rui2, leave me a PM on IRC or forum, and I'll upload it to either the bot or the http server.

That's it. Enjoy the new release. A cute omake of shiren and his childhood. ^^

Happy 1 year Anniversary to TWH

July 12, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Some .hack Stuff

Happy Anniversary to us! I would give a long-boring lesson of TWH history, but I think most of us would rather not read it. I'll jump to the release then.

Sorry, no manga release today, but I bring you our .hack special:
1) media files from the 2 CD-ROM from .hack//GU THe World volume 4 + 6 (Including the OST from .hack//GU from volume 6 and desktop theme ((Windows only)) from volume 4): Download BT
(Please help me seed as long as possible, since the files are quite large and my upload speed are slow. Sorry. >_<)
2) .Hack Wallpaper Contest
Rules, instruction and prizes here
3) .hack GU The World Volume 5 scans

This has really been a fun year and I'm sure a lot of us enjoyed bringing you the wonderful mangas. I'll love to thanks all of you who has been supporting us throughout this year though. A lot of people has spent a lot of time for TWH to make it what it is today. Please give them a nice thank you when you see them (list in no particular order): Seno, Velocity7, Stmated, Coriolis, Chara, Tsuyoshi, Wraith_Magus, Figaro1010, Terracannon, Sekushibijin, Kindred_Spirites, Gufymike, Cless Alvein, Ashyboi, Dragonbreath, Joshen, Kuro_Tenshi, Raxiv, Kuwa_jiji, PrinceSy, Reika, Jiji, Kuris, Shusakusai, Nuclear_Waffle, Mystique (I think that's it. >.><.<)
Special thanks to our joint partners also: APNF, Eternal Bunny Love, and BLAH.

I apologize for our lack of releases these days though. I, as well as many of the staff has been busy, while the other half of the staff is off in some tropical land for summer holiday. None of our projects have been dropped (including .hack), everything is being worked on. Please understand that we all have lives outside of scanlatiion to deal with. I hope you continue to support us in the years to come. ^^

Guess what!? Toriko!!

June 25, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Toriko volume 1 ch 4

Phew, a release... I know we haven't been too active on the shoujo department lately, but cori is working a lot and he really is trying hard to catch up on some of these editing. So be nice to him, say 'thanks' for the release. This is the last chapter of volume one, but there is still a very cute omake to follow after this. Hopefully that'll come soon.

On a not-so-happy note, I'm not too happy with the general attitude with some of you people toward us here. All our staffs work really hard to get the releases out, they all have real lives, they work on this at their own free time. I know you're all anxious for the next chapter of whatever, but whinning at us isn't going to help. I don't want to hear any complains for faster releases on any of our series (yes, .hack included) in any form, either it be forum, IRC, nor email. The messages have been generating a very angerish and demotivating tone in the staff. In plain english, stop your bitching because no one wants to hear them and I don't want to lose anyone on any of our projects.

That's it. Sorry for the rant, but I have to let it out.

Guess what! A new series! (not first of already too many?)

June 15, 2006 - posted by Stmated
Released: Chinatsu no Uta - Volume 1

First a warning:
E!coriolis Eits long
E!coriolis Estop writing essays

Yup, we're releasing a whole volume at once of Chinatsu's Voice.
This is actually a school project of mine that I started some while ago, to translate and edit a Japanese manga. Not how's that for a school project? And since the teachers obviously know no Japanese I might even have made up half the dialogue and they wouldn't have sensed a difference. Not that I did *cough* just hypothetically.
Anyway, I got some pretty good scores at the course's end and left it as that, but after some month(s?) with just having the volume lying on my harddrive, I felt pity for it and decided to release it on the internet, too. So here it is in it's, perhaps too high resolutioned, glory. The volume was saved in 1024 width, so it's best to view this series in fullscreen. If you don't like this, then just give a shout in the channel and/or forum and I'll resave a smaller version and release.

This series is made by Kitagawa Shou who you might have heard of from the series Hotman (also made into a JDrama). All his series are in a slice-of-life perspective. Nothing special may happen in the plotline, but you feel the nature and feelings behind the work... err... or something. I don't want to become too poetic here. It got great art anyway.

The series takes place at a certain Japanese location where a girl moves in with her aunt to a new house after experiencing some more or less shocking event back home. There she meets a boy named Fuyuki who she from then on spends a lot of time with. The thing special about Chinatsu is her voice, a voice which many seems to have heard before, but from where? What's so special about this girl and what'll happen in the future? ;D

Seriously, that's enough buttery poo talk from me. I so hate writing summaries sounding like you're selling dishwashers ^^;

Right now it's only this volume, but there might follow more since this will take the translation time of With Karin which will probably be dropped after the completition of the first volume.
Tell us if you like it and if we should release more of it, else this will just be an invitation for other groups to pick it up instead, since I'd really like to see it in English. And I know a certain other group is also working on this series, I hope I'm not stepping on your toes too much ^^;

More Fairies!

June 11, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Fairy Cube v01 c03

I did promise more fairy cube soon, didn't I? Enjoy chapter 3

Another note. We release everything on IRC first, but it seems some of you are quite new to this IRC business and come into the channel clueless. If you need help, dont' be afraid to ask in there, but be sure you check out our IRC Guide first. And yes, you do need a register name to download from Rui (I taught her well, she doesn't talk to strangers!)

Thirdly, I spend a better half of the day updating our http achieve: Densha Otoko ch 3, Jinki ch 4, Pani Poni ch 6, Taiyou ga Ochite Kuru ch 4 and 5, Fairy Cube ch 2, Merry and Sheep ch 1-3 (<- Go read this!! ^^) As usual, please report any broken links. ^^

Okay, I'm done. Still looking for translators and editors(see previous post) email me at

Happy 50th Release!

June 9, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Fairy Cube v01 c02

I apologize for taking so long on this series, but I think the following chapters will come shortly. ^^

Other than that, what happened to our other series? Well, they're coming. I killed my laptop a few weeks ago spilling tempura sauce on it (heh, so floatie-like, I know ^^) Got my new mac book, love it but my cannon4200f (that's my scanner) doesn't like my mac, so I had to get a new scanner... T_T Damn, i love my 4200f... >.> Canon's retarded for making a hardware only competible to one system. Anyhow, so that's that. After I got my new lapotp, and my scanner doesn't like me, I got hit by a street car (to those of you who doesn't live in Toronto, a streetcar is a sorta train like thing on the street with cable and tracks. If you've seen old Hollywood movies, it's those cable car thing they show form Detroit. Anyhow, it sucks. Luckily nothing big happened to me, just lots of bruises and cuts and I can't really walk coz pressure on my ankle hurts like a bitch still. Anyhow, end of rant!

Happy 50th Release to us!

Recruitign for all positions (so I don't have to scan/translate/edit as much and we'll have faster releases):
Japanese -> English Translators: Jinki, Taiyou ga Ochite Kuru, Fun Fun Factory, Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito
Editors: .hack//GnU, Jinki, Fun Fun Factory, Toriko
Scanner (or at least until Solaris come back): I'm hoping that I can find someone to scan who has access to raw. we will reimburst you completely. However, if I can't find someone like that, I'll take anyone in Canada who can scan. You will not need to buy the books, I will either ship it to you or get it shipped to you. I do, however expect comittment in return. You are expected to scan at least the first chapter of each volume I send you within the first week and rest of the volumes ASAP.
Interested in the above position(s). Email me for a test at indicating your previous experience and the series you're interested in working on. (For scanners: please provide me with two pages of manga you scanned, one color and one grey scale).

No news, no... REALLY!!

May 30, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: With Karin v01 c06

(Stmated): I'm too lazy to do any release news writing :P

Yup, that's all for today.

Densha Otoko!!

May 28, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko v01 c02

My oh my! This project is back! ^^ I'm happy to see it back, this is one of my favorite projects here. ^^

One important note: We've renamed the previous chapters of DOG to how the book named it, so the previous chapter 1 is now chapter 0; chapter 2 is now chapter 1. This chapter 2 is the proceeding chapter from the previous 2. If you're serving our releases anywhere, please kindly rename the releases. ^^

Oh, and I guess I should help promote the other two Densha Otoko projects a little. As you may or may not know, Viz has licensed the Young Sunday version, while CMX has licensed the Champion Red version of Densha Otoko. So if you like our version, maybe you can try the other two when it's released. Although personally, I think I like our version the best, and I'm happy that it's not licensed so we can keep working on it (yet, I think it deserves to be licensed). Ah well.

Enough talking, enjoy our new release. ^^ Available to you through waffle|rui

The New TWH Crack

May 15, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Merry and Sheep v01 c03+04

Yup, I've labelled Merry & Sheep the new TWH Crack. None of us can get enough of it. It's just so much fun!! <333 If you haven't download it, I feel sorry for you! Go get it on IRC from Waffle|Rui. (No, you perv! It's not sheep pr0n) Uh, here's a page of preview. Love it! Get high with us on this new series! <33

A Floatie Release Day

May 13, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Taiyou ga Ochite Kuru v01 c04+05, Merry and Sheep v01 c01+02

Hmm, 4am... Nothing I type is going ot make sense, so here you are, the releases you've been waiting for. Joe quitted editing TgOK coz he has better things to edit (like Densha Otoko) than hentai. Well, to be honest, he just has no interest in the project and he's scared that his mom will find pr0n at his pc. Hahaha. So yup! There's me translating and editing ch 4 and 5 of TgOK just because... well... because I don't care about this project at all, but leechers keep bugging me about it (and no, bugging me doesn't work, so don't try this at home). Offering to help me trnaslate would though. ^_^

Okay, other news. Merry and Sheep, the cutest, whackiest series. GO read it now, you'll love it!! <33

Oh, and before I forget, .hack//GU THE WORLD v03 + 04 uploaded (well, v3 almost done, v4 are done). Get it from HERE (Yes, you do have to register to get these scans).

Too sleepy and tire to update the project pages. It'll get done tomorrow.

Staff Needed for the following:
- Translators: Taiyou ga Ochite Kuru, .Hack (depends what terra will give up)
- Experienced Editors: Jinki, some Shoujo I'm dying to do.
Email me for application

Come grab the new releases on IRC at Waffle|Rui.

Edit: All project pages updated. Yami Boushi c 1+ 2, Speed Grapher c 4, GU//4koma c1+2 up for http download.

Also, minor warning for new chapter of Taiyou:
[11:09:01] [INTERROBANG] even still, the dick girl part was just wrong
[11:09:24] [INTERROBANG] perfectly yuri situation and they cock it all up!
Read at your own risks. ;)

Another Speed Grapher release!!... and new series!!

April 26, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Speed Grapher v01 c04, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

Wow! Thanks to our Dragon and Kindred for working so diligently and quickly on Speed Grapher! *snuggles* This series is getting really really good. Also, welcome our new proofer mimi_lk. He's the most adorable little thing!! He's my favorite shota toy now! mahahhahaha!!

Anyhow! Experienced Editors still needed. Not for .hack though, sorry. It seems like I get daily editor offers for .hack. As much as it'll nice to have extra help since for the next 3 months, the magazine will come out monthly (instead of previous bi-monthly) due to .hack//ROOTS and the release of .hack//G.U. (the PS2 game). So even though cori and I just got v. 3 of the magazine last week, the new volume 4 came out today! Damn! Don't worry, we're trying our best to catch up with it! (And of course, we haven't forgotten our other projects.) ^^

If you're willing to help us edit, send me an email at for a simple editing test. ^^

Edit: Apparently, cori wants a triple release today. So we bring you our new series. This is only one volume long, so we probably won't take too long on it. The first two chapters are ready. Thank you Cori for doing such a wonderful job and quethiril for offering her scripts! Get them from our IRC channel on Waffle|Rui.

Ah*~ Good Friday! Sounds like a good release day!!

April 14, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Speed Grapher v01 c03

You've waited long... finally, a speed grapher release!! Come get the release from us on IRC! A special thank you to Kindred_Sprites for deciding to pick up translating this series for us!! ^^; Hopefully this project will go more smoothly now.

Nothing much to say, a recruitment propaganda then! We're still looking for editors and proofers, please PM any of the ! staff in the channel, forum or email me at

One more thing that I'm quite hyped up about! Our long stalled project Densha Otoko: Gambare Doku Otoko is back! Apparently APNF decided to let their translator out of the basement from all those fansubbing and do some manga work finally! So expect some DOG from us soon! (DOG is the official acrynom we decided for this project)

Hmm, also, we're curious to find out which of our project is your favorite! Please spend a moment or two to do vote on this poll for us. It'll give us an idea on which project to concentrate. So if there's a project that you like that we've put in stalled for awhile and you want ot whip us to get it going, this might be your chance... ;)

.hack//4koma release!

April 13, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack//4koma c01, c02

Been a while since you've guys seen some .hack stuff, right? Here's some more... it's a bit short, but you'll get a good laugh out of it. Enjoy!

Achry is back from the land of WoW...

April 10, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Pani Poni v01 c06

So, if you've been following the sad news in You'll realize that our translator for Pani Poni has been lost in the land of WoW for months, but fear not, he made it back safely!! So there will be more pani poni releases from now on!! (Oh, as long as he doesn't get lost in WoW or some fantasy land again. Yes, games are bad! Don't play! :p)

So anyhow, if you see achry in our channel or theirs (yes, their channel moved), go send achry a PM and tell him what a bad boy he is for ditching Pani Poni and me for a stupid game. <3

Finally, WE NEED EDITORS! Experience prefered, but not necessary. As long as you know photoshop, I guess. Please give us a hand. If you're interested, drop by our channel, talk to any o the ! or email me at I think that's all for today, enjoy the new release.

New Project: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ ch 03 + FC not dropped!!

April 2, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Toriko ~Aigan Shoujo~ v01 c03

So you like Kemono wa Hana no Yume o Miru ka, huh? This is a manga done by the same mangaka as Kemono, a project that I've been wanting to do for a long long LONG time, and I guess finally it's being done. The first two chapter was started by Luna Chicas, but they've never gotten the chance to finish the project, so I decided to pick it up from where they left off. You can find their site here. I've put up the first two chapter done by TC on our project page, please help yourself to it. Chapter 3 is available on IRC through Waffle|Rui. Again, if you're new to irc, check out our IRC guide.

Oh, and if you haven't realised, the Jouhou thing was an April's fool joke. I hope you guys enjoyed it! And I bring you good news that Fairy Cube is NOT dropped and we will be continue working on it. If we offended you, we apologize. If there's anything I can do to help you, send me hate mails at otherwise, please continue to support us while we bring you more releases!

Fairy Cube dropped! Partnering with Jouhou... and, a release!

April 1, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Jinki v02 c04

The following was an April's fool joke: Manga Jouhou Inc. is entering the American manga market. They will be the first manga publisher to work together with scanlation groups to bring manga out commercially. TWH is happy to be one of the scanlation partners of Manga Jouhou Inc. Moreover, we're excited to see that Manga Jouhou Inc. has picked Fairy Cube as one of their first titles to license. To support the artist and the new publisher, we have dropped Fairy Cube. But dont' worry, because the same staff will continue to work on the project for Manga Jouhou Inc., while a few more translators and editors from other scanlation groups will be going through it to ensure that it will be in the most professional quality. The best part for you fan? The entire volume one will be available in a bookstore near you in late fall this year for a price of $4.99, moreover, with the new MangaClick! ? from Jouhou Inc, you can purchase an e-copy of the book online through their secured system. What's more? You'll get the original scans in Japanese from their initial offer!! We hope that you will be supporting us, the artists, and jouhou (your fan-to-fan publisher) and purchase the volume when it is available to you! In the meantime, we will work hard to continue bringing you manga in the highest quality possible.
For the actual press release, visit:

For now, enjoy the new Jinki chapter, the start of a new vollume!! Available on IRC through Waffle|Rui. Oh, and if you guys aren't aware, Jinki has slowed down a lot. The reason for the slow Jinki release is our lack of editors. V7 has been doing a wonderful job editing Jinki, but he's busy with school and he wants to concentrate on the .hack stuff. However, according to our recent poll on the forum, Jinki is among one of your favorite titles. So to all you Jinki fan who can edit, please give us a helping hand! come to #thewafflehouse and talk to any of the ! or email me at or PM on the forum. (If you haven't vote, go vote! It does help us to see what we should concentrate on!)

New to IRC? Check out our new IRC guide kindly written to you by Coriolis.

Site Update

March 2, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: http and bt download updated

It was a tiring night for me last night. I can't believe updating the site of 2 months worth material is sooo exhausting! Anyhow, everythign updated, http links, torrent links to all projects!! Of course, our standard rule of minimum 72 hours for IRC download still applies. So get .hack GnU from our channel.

Oh, and if you found any broken links to anything, I'd really appreciate if you can tell me by posting at the Comments/Problems section of the forum. Otherwise, enjoy the updated site and all the http downloads. If you can help seed our torrents for a bit, I'll <3 you for it too!! Ciao for now! More releases soon!

.hack//GnU chapter 1!

Mar. 1, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack//GnU c01

Here comes the chibiness and loli that is ???, as they call it. :) Please come on IRC and enjoy this release!

We need more translators and staff willing to help with this, so we can get a lot of the .hack stuff out faster, as well as other things on our to-do list!

.hack//GU+ chapter 2!

Feb 27, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack//GU+ c02

This release took a bit of a while. Sorry for the wait, so enjoy the release!

Release is available on IRC through Waffle|Rui.

P.S. Coriolis has posted the last of the volume 2 scans on the forums, so go there and enjoy them! :)

Hey, have you heard about Hell's hotline?

Feb 27, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Jigoku Shoujo v01 c01

We're happy to present you with the first chapter of Jigoku Shoujo!!

A list of thank you goes to the following people who help bring this wonderful series to you:
First, thank you Kajitsu from Doitsu no Kajitsu (, the German department of Aku-Tenshi for approaching us with the raw, just when we thought the raw is impossible to get. (Check out the German version of Jigoku Shoujo that they have released today!) Also, thank you Coriolis for doing such a wonderful job editing and Wraith_Magus for proofing the chapter at my last minute request, just when I thought I couldn't find anyone to do the job. ^^ Of course, PrinceSy will be our QCer for Jigoku Shoujo as well, so welcome him to the staff*~

I don't think I need to explain this manga much, since I asusme most people has watched the anime... if not! GO DO IT NOW!!

Release is available on IRC through Waffle|Rui. So see you on IRC!

Another release? ...because we love our leechers...

Feb 23, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: .hack//XXXX ch00

Okay, I lied. I didn't have time to do the botlisting nor the BT, only because I was editing XXXX all day.
Hey, what can I say? We love our leechers, and here's the prove!!
A log from our channel yesterday:
[animee1] how much does .hack cost?
[animee1] i want to buy the magazines T_T
[animee1] how much? more or less...
[!coriolis] $32~ USD per month
[animee1] 26.8769 EUR
[animee1] WAHT THE FUCK!
[!coriolis] and yes
[!coriolis] per month
[!coriolis] 320~ euro a year
[!Floating_Sakura] holy shit if you think about it
[!Floating_Sakura] we're investing a lot of money
[!coriolis] i know, but
[!coriolis] we <3 our leechers
[!Floating_Sakura] that's so true
[!Floating_Sakura] i think this is the only scanlation group you can find that actually let their leechers tell them what they want
[animee1] nya -_- I don't understand the XXXX stuff
[!coriolis] it's like 6 pages
[!Floating_Sakura] fuck, let's do this if it's 6 pages
[animee1] thnks cori ^0^
[!Floating_Sakura] i'll translate and edit it and get it out tonight
[animee1] thnks to all T__T
So there, xxxx was added into our project last night just like that. It seriously wasn't on our to-do-list (GnU however, is). This is ch 0, a prologue that sets up the story that'll be following starting v. 3.

Just like before, Grab it off Waffle|Rui on IRC. Oh, and if you want any of these .hack stuff out faster, whether it be GU+, GnU, xxxx, CELL (which we don't plan to do, but if you can translate, why not?) We NEED FUCKING TRANSLATORS!!!! Oh, that's it from me. I'll update the site one of these days and add all the download to http, botlisting and bt links, just be patient with me.. I'm trnaslating most of our series... >.><.<

So I was told that The Waffle House should be called the LoliHouse

Feb 22, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Taiyou ga Ochite Kuru v01 c03

Before I talk about the day I discover what people outside of TWH thinks of us, let me thank gufymike for his generosity, we have a bot and a bt tracker now. So, come to #thewafflehouse @ and get TgOK off Waffle|Rui. I'll post the botlisting and link to the BT later tonight.

Okay, the next interesting thing I found out that I thought is quite suitable to post with today's release. Here's a small chat log from some random channel:
[-Asakura-] i call that channel the home of the lolicons
[Floating_Sakura] TWH?
[-Asakura-] yup
[Floating_Sakura] niceee
[-Asakura-] it should be called "The LoliHouse"
[neka] dood that channels is home of the pedophiles
[-Asakura-] HAHAHAHA
[neka] thepedophilepancakehouse
[Floating_Sakura] hahahaa
[-Asakura-] just cuz huhwhat is there..
[neka] and a few other
[neka] :P
[-Asakura-] just call it ihop
[-Asakura-] there!
[neka] international house of pedo
[-Asakura-] exactly
[neka] now i need ot find a cute girl with pancakes
[neka] hack sakura's site
[neka] and put it on the front page
[-Asakura-] lol
[neka] yep
[neka] that works perfectly

So there, you have it! Apparently #thewafflehouse is the gathering place for all lolicons. I wonder why that is... we don't release anything too explicitly loli... *Cough* Oh, finally, I have to tell you guys that the tank version of TgOK comes with about 4 or 5 chapters of five pages hentai one shot. I was going to release it with ch 3 today, but joe is taking awhile to edit it and he's busy with school. Anyhow, keep checking back, I'll post it soon on the forum (and no, it won't be announced on jouhou, mangaupates or your preferred scanlation announcing site due to its contents.) Well, enjoy the Yuri-goodiness at TgOK ch 3. To everyone who has not read Taiyou ga ochite kuru, this series is not for anyone easily offended or under the age of 18.

Finally!! We need a translator for Speed Grapher... does no one care about that project? :(

.Hack//GU+ news :)

Feb 17, 2006 - posted by coriolis
News: .Hack//GU+ Volume 2 Magazine Scans avaliable, and more!

OK, so I finally got off my lazy ass and spent a few hours scanning.

Naturally, my slow scanner scans, uber slow - and I'm about 1/4 of the way through :p I'll upload as I get them in so be patient! To look at the pretty scans go here

As well, velocity_7 has found a HQ PS2 .Hack//GU trailer video and alot of new info, click here to read more

GU+ Chapter 2 is being translated and edited, expect it out within a few weeks. Meanwhile. V7 is working his ass off, translating and editing, .hack//GnU and JINKI are both going to be released soon! You better thank him! For more V7 exposure and .hack news, check his blog at!

And or those who havn't read it, read Lost in Waffle Land :D

I also make a quickie, not a bad wallpaper...kinda plain maybe? :p (1280x1xxx)

Edit by Velocity_7: Here's a better version of that wallpaper. I'm calling it "wallpaper02" because "wallpaper01" would have to be that red one. Here you go guys:


Midnight Release just because we wanted!!

Feb 17, 2006 - posted by Kuro_Tenshi
Released: FAIRY CUBE CH.01!!!!! and Pani Poni ch 05!!

The new manga by our all wonderful sensei Kaori Yuki [Angel Sanctuary and Count Cain anyone?!]

I? so sorry everyone, this was supposed to be release last month! But well!! As you all should be well aware of Real Life sometimes calls up to you ^^;; well... let? see... Hope everyone had a satisfying ?ingle Awareness Day' Eand enjoyed our releases, even though they made me the evil witch of the North ;.; damn it I leave in the East side!!!!!

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah... releases... releases... well if you didn? like this release, you?e welcome to visit my S&M room for complains u.u

Also, more Pani poni randomness goodiness for all of us!! <3<3<3

And before I forget... Speed Grapher is in stalled, and we're trying to start Jigoku Shoujo. Tell me you like those projects!! You do?! I? glad... Do you wanna see new chapters? Well so do we... but people... WE NEED FUCKING STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Not for H-stuff issues, but for serious WORK!] In need for a translator for Speed Grapher and Editor for Jigoku Shoujo, so do apply and come join our wonderful staff room... and the privileges you get with it! [just to name a few you get to kick/whip/molest the lechers, and join on our crazy staff chat, which is perfect if you have the same inclinations as we do [for further information, do read Lost in Waffle Land ]]

Well... that? pretty much it...

So Ja ne! everyone

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Feb 14, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Lost in Waffleland, Daisy One Shot, With Karin v01 ch 05

Happy Valentine's Day (even though Kuro insist that today be "Single Awareness day")!! Well, Happy Valentine's Day to those of you that have someone beside you right now.

First, you're probably looking at today's release, and go, "WTF ARE HALF OF THOSE STUFF?" Let me GIve you a brief synopsis then.

1) Lost in WaffeLand (Download here) - a parody one shot created through a little forum event that I've had, where I post scans from a manga and allow anyone to help fill up te bubble for the sole purpose of making a romance story for Valentine's Day release. I hope you guys will read it and enjoy it, because we've enjoy bringing this to you VERY VERY much!! The original thread is here. Please go and comment, tell me what you think of everything and whether or not you would participate if I organize something like this again.

2) Daisy - A cute one shot serialized in Cheese! It's very cute, and it is slightly on the loli side, so enjoy the loli for this special day! This is my special valentine's day gift to you all!! Oh, and sorry, I haven't had time to make a page for one shot, it'd get done soon.

3) With Karin ch 5 - I guess we need no explaination on this eh? Well, I think the last incesteous discovery of this chapter was interesting. I'm sure we're all looking for more!

very sadly, I have to say, I'm putting Speed Grapher in stall because I've cried and cried for help for a translator, but no one replied. Anyhow, if you're still interested in translating this one for us, please contact me on IRC or

Happy Birthday Coriolis!

Feb 1, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Pani Poni Ch 04

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cori! Happy Birthday to you!!
Yes! Today is your favorite editor's 19th birthday, and to celebrate that we're releasign Pani Poni ch 4!!!
Please come by our channel and Say Happy Birthday to Cori!! And yes! We'll have cakes, and waffles, alcohols and what's not ready for you in #thewafflehouse !! Join us at Cori's 19th Bday Party!!

One more thing, I have to say, we're DESPERATELY in need of translator for Speed Grapher. Otherwise we'd have the project in stalled!! I know MANY MANY of you love that project, so please, give us a hand. Also, editors also needed. Thank you.

OH! And I better be seeing you people walking into the channel telling Cori happy Birthday. If he's not around, leave him a memo. "/memoserv coriolis send *type message here*"

.hack//GU+ ch01

Jan 20, 2006 - posted by velocity7
Released: .hack//GU+ ch01

I know you all were waiting for this, so... *drumroll* .hack//GU+ ch01! Finally! Go and see what the new .hack is all about! SenoWaffle on IRC has it, as always. :)

This took a while, mostly due to problems in trying to get the best quality for the scan pages, but I've learned some lessons from this editing experience; hopefully it'll do me better in future runs. Yes, we will be doing future chapters of .hack//GU+. And yes, I am working on JINKI still, but please cut Floating_Sakura some slack. ^^;

As always, we're looking for staff, in particular, Japanese/Chinese -> English translators, as well as editors and any other groups that are willing to do any joint projects with us. Thanks for reading!

With Karin ch04

Jan 20, 2006 - posted by Stmated
Released: Pani Poni v01 c04

Well, well, here we go again with another chapter of With Karin, where I guess you all hope for yet another boob drink, but each time get disappointed and have to turn to your loli manga, which leads you yet deeper into the fetish. So here I'm trying to work my way forward just to save your poor soul from the loli demon... I yet haven't spoiled myself too much on the rest of the volume and onwards, though I haven't seen any boob drinks yet. But I'll keep up my fight over your innocence!

Right... well, in this chapter we get some pretty freaky stuff, and I hope any of you out there aren't as silly as Junpei actually is. I knew from the start the name "Junpei" was jinxed by that evil piece of rotten muffins called Ichigo 100%. The WK Junpei seemed all nice and geeky at first, but I'm starting to have my doubts over our inncent little girl-with-huge-balls-on-her-head lover.

Maybe he can make up for his faults, or maybe I'll just hate him more ;) Come join us on the IRC channel and talk about how much you... uhm, like Karin's... err... balls. And I sure hope Class rep. doesn't get some kind of power to perform transgender on other people, or the "balls" things would be kind of catchy.

Anyway, the chapter is, as usual, hidden in the inside of our lovable, and legally abusable, SenoWaffle. So come on i, and prepare for more releases from us ^^;

Pani Poni ch03

Jan 16, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Pani Poni v01 c03

Well, we promised more releases, right? Join us and Eternal Bunny Love with another halirious release!! Go visit them at or!!

It's too late at night for me to find something witty to say, but we really need more staff to bring faster releases to you. The following positions are opened:
Chinese -> English translators
Japanese -> English translators
Experienced editors
Please continue to give us your support by coming into our channel or posting on the forum. We'll hav esome great releases for you really soon!

More Speed Graphers!!.... and stuff (Please read, very important!)

Jan 14, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Speed Grapher v01 c02

Ara! More speed Grapher for you all! Also, welcome our new editor Dragonbreath! He is such a fast learner!! *snuggles Dragon*

So I was supposed to release this chapter last night, but I was locked out of my room last night, since I left my keys inside. Then I decided to climb up!! (Heh, you're talking to a girl who barely exercise, wears 3 inches heel with long manicured nails). So I took off my jacket and my sweather, my 3 inch heel boot, and climbed up the tree 2 floors up on my tubetop and barefeeted (while it's 3C and pouring outside). I was all soaked, but I was so proud when I got up there (and I only managed to scratch my arms a little and broke 2 nails, weee*~ ) After I got up there, I realised my window wouldn't open, so I took a screwdriver from my housemate's balcony next door and tried to pier it open, doesn't work... ;__; A couple hours later, one of my housemate came home, let me in, and since I could't get into my room, we spent the whole night in the kitchen drinking the bottle of Soho I just brought until my landlord came open my door early this morning (and I realised the reason my windows wouldn't open was coz my landlord sealed it earlier this season so the wind wouldn't come through... damn, would have been so cool if I got in.

Anyhow, enough about my stupid story. Grab your chapter from SenoWaffle on IRC.
http updated: Fun Fun Factory ch 2, Pani Poni ch 1 and ch2, Jinki ch 3 and Omake, Speed Grapher ch 1 now available on http download.

Edit: One more thing, we have discovered that there has been peoople selling scanlations and fansubs, altering credits and such - *cough* *cough* We'd like to remind everyone that scanlations and fansubs are meant to be free, brought to you by fans for fans. It is not for sell or auction. Now, here's a parody chapter of bleach (brought to you by Max7) containing info about these scammers trying to steal your $$. Please read it and spread the words! For further infomation, visit

.hack//The World Magazine. Not scanlations, just scans.

Jan 10, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: .hack//The World Magazine Scans

Hmmm, I'm sure everyone is looking forward to .hack//GU+ manga that we announced. Sorry to disappoint you, that thing is still in progress. However, we decided to post the rest of the magazine, apart from the two manga series, GU+ and GnU that we're planning to scanlate, the novel (from what v7 said) that someone from will be translating, the rest of the magazine is scanned by Cori. If anyone wants to volunteer to translate the rest of the magazine (or part of the magazine), please contact us!! We'll be happy to edit your translation into the magazine and have itavailable to everyone. Otherwise, it's too bad for those who can't read Japanese (well, the pictures are pretty anyways), So come check them out!!

The scans are posted on the forum, Click here. You do have to register on the forum to get in. Other than that, we'll have GU+ release as soon as V7 has finished editing the chapter. One last thing, you're welcome to link to our forum, however, we'd much much appreciate it if you don't link-direct to our scans, and if you want to use any of the images for any purposes, you better get our permission, or else volume 2 will not be posted!!!!

Does a beast look at the dream of a flower?

Jan 06, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: kemono wa hana no yume o miru ka v01 c01

Konnichiwa! We're back with a new shoujo series. So, I imagine you're staring at the title and go "holy F*CK! This is one long-arse manga title". Hmm, agree. What does the title mean? The official translation of the title is "Does the beasts look at the dream of a flower?". This manga is rather dark and dramatic, but with lots of smuts (so all you underage kids, stay away from it!) about a host falling in love with a runaway girl abused by her father. Rememeber, keep the title in mind as you read, the title is symbolic. =) If you want to find out more about Japanese hosts business, come to our forum and I'll post more info.

Come on IRC and grab the chapter from us. Also, I apologize for haven't been keeping the http download up to date, but there are so much to do. You can always come into our channel and easily grab any of our releases. ^_-

And how can I not an update with a recruitment advertising?
We're looking for:

    Chinese -> English Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo projects, and a upcoming shounen project
    Japanese -> english Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo and shounen projects

Pani Poni v01 c02

Jan 05, 2006 - posted by Coriolis
Released: Pani Poni v01 c02

So, another release =) EBL and us both worked very hard on these projects, and we'll have plenty more releases coming soon! Probrably because it's still winter break for most, until school starts, next week. Sure, we may slow down, but we'll keep on releasing! Chapter 2 of Pani Poni further describes the relationship between Becky and the Class, especially Himeko and Rei so far. But don't worry, Ichijou will make her appearance soon!

And of course, there is no such thing as an update without a recruitment staff stuff, so....*cori copies and pastes*

    Chinese -> English Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo projects, and a upcoming shounen project
    Japanese -> english Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo and shounen projects

Enjoy this release! =)

Pani Poni v01 c01 & With Karin v01 c03

Jan 04, 2006 - posted by Stmated
Released: With Karin v01 c03 & Pani Poni v01 c01

Well, well, what have we got here; if not a little double release.

One from our little cutesy Coriolis: Release after release are we not? :) Hey, this is Coriolis, reporting back for a double release day! First we have Pani Poni, a joint with Eternal Bunny Love, you can find them over at #eternalbunnylove or They originally release c1 a while ago with LQ raws(We had the same raws at the time too! ;)) so our lovely mistress Floating_Sakura went to propose a joint, and not surprisingly so, they accepted. So here we are. I am the scanner, Achrmaeiad the translator, both LazyDude and I are the editors(So we can release omega-fast!!) and for our QC'ers, j3llo! However, I still think we need another QC'er(Not saying J3llo can't! Don't hurt meeeee!) so... you know where this is heding.

And one from the slow-ass(me). It sure took a while before this chapter was released, but sometimes you just have too much to do (or too much anime to watch, you take a pick). But let's cross out thumbs that I'll speed up ;) And remember, I won't bitch back at you if you're wondering when the next release is, I'm too kind. *hides knife*

I'll redirect you to the post underneath for the recruitment drive, the index.php is large as it is ;)

Speed Grapher v01 c01

Jan 02, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Speed Grapher v01 c01

So! We're back with another great release. The first chapter of Speed Grapher. I know many of you enjoy the anime very much, so we're bringing you the manga. You'll find that the manga only follow the anime loosely, why is that? Well, having not seen more than the first couple episodes of the anime myself, I can't say for sure. But since the manga is based on the original novel, and not the anime, I assume the anime changed the original quite a bit, while the manga probably remains more faithful to the original work. So enjoy!! Of course, a big welcome to our new translator Shusakusai for taking on speed grapher. Arigatou!!

So far the New Year Revolution of having more releases is working out well, hm? We'll keep up the great work as long as you guys keep supporting us!! To bring you faster releases, we still nee more staff. The following positions are still opened:

    Chinese -> English Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo projects, and a upcoming shounen project
    Japanese -> english Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo and shounen projects

Enjoy the release, grab it from SenoWaffle on IRC, stay there and get to know us while you do your leeching.

Fun Fun Factory v 01 c01 ver 02 + c02

Jan 01, 2006 - posted by Floating_Sakura
Released: Fun Fun Factory v01 c01 ver 02 and Fun Fun Factory v01 c02

Happy New Year!! Here's our new release for you!! Fun Fun Factory ch01 ver02 and Fun Fun Factory ch02. I hope you guys have a magical new year!!

Okay, done with the greetings. Now let me apologize for screwing up the last FFF chapter. What did I screw up? Well, in the previous chapter, the "miko beri" was translated into "witch's Belly". The more logical translation should be "witch's Berry". The reason for the mistake is becuase "belly" and "Berry" would technically be spelt the same in Japanese?@?i???j, which is pronounce "beli", and I must have not been thinking at the time I was translating. It's up to you to decide whether it's worth getting version 2, but we've fixed that up for you. So get it here or from IRC.

TWH's New Year's Revolution: Get More releases out!!Of course, we need more staff to achieve that, if you care to help, the following positions are opened:

    Chinese -> English Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo projects, and a upcoming shounen project
    Japanese -> english Translator:
    for a couple of our current shoujo and shounen projects
    IRC Distro:
    preferably with upload 10Mbit/s or higher

If you're interested in any of the above applications (other than the last one), go apply Here. Simply title the position you're applying for, and your experience etc. If you're shy about it, you can email me or PM me on the forum.

Happy New Year. Grab the 2nd chapter of FFF from IRC on SenoWaffle.

OH!! One more thing!! Katsuron from APNF (our joint partner for Densha Otoko) want to remind everyone that their channel has now moved to a new server at The full address is and their site is That's it!

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